Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Friends are great!

This past Thursday Josh went down to Austin to attend the architecture convention. His parents were there attending, too, as was most of his dad's firm. So Josh got to hang out with all of them and do nerdy architecture stuff! =)

Thursday night I went to dinner with some friends from seminary to celebrate our friend Melanie's birthday. We surprised her at the restaurant. It was so fun. We got to tell nerdy counseling jokes.This is not a great picture of either of us, but this is my friend Melanie.

On Friday, my co-counselor Anna took me to lunch at Mimi's Cafe, a restaurant she enjoys that she thought I would like. We had a really good time together and the food was delicious.
This is my co-counselor Anna. She is from South Korea and has been here at seminary for 2 years. She encourages and challenges me in my spiritual walk. We have fun together and share lots of cultural things.
This is Mimi's. Inside it is decorated like a European cafe. Very fun. Maybe these restaurants are all over, I don't know.

Josh got home on Saturday and had lots of things to share with me about the weekend. So we took some time to relax on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon before plunging back into school stuff.

Right now I'm working on a book evaluation due Friday. Josh had a test and homework due yesterday. Viva grad school!

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