Monday, October 15, 2007

Birthday Celebration

This weekend we went down to Houston to visit my parents and celebrate Joshua's 25th birthday. We enjoyed our time relaxing and visiting with my parents. Sammy got to run around in their backyard and we got to sleep in a little. And we were finally able to sit down to watch an Aggie football game...only to be severely disappointed. I hope the team practices hard this week so we don't have another poor showing like that.Sammy loves to sit in my mom's lap! He's such a spoiled dog! Do you like the tropical background? =)

On Saturday my friend from high school AC got to come over and eat with us. It was good to catch up with her about what she is doing and to laugh about some old times in high school.

Finally, we got to see the family that I used to babysit for back in high school. When I first started babysitting them, Robert was just turning 3 years old. Now he's in 4th grade, riding his bike to school, playing soccer...I can't believe it! And Rachael is almost taller than me and is in junior high. I guess she'll be able to babysit our kids some day...=)
Okay, in the picture she looks like she is as tall as me, but that's because she's sitting on a higher cushion than me.

Good weekend. Happy birthday Joshua!

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