Monday, November 26, 2007

Wedding fun!

The Saturday before Thanksgiving we went to the wedding of a couple in our home group at church. We have been waiting for this wedding for a while now and they were so ready to be on the other side. The wedding was beautiful, the reception was fancy and lovely, the food delicious, and, the best part, there was dancing! Oh yes, dancing! And did we ever...

Here are the girls of the home group who were at the wedding. We are a pretty good looking group!
And here we are, dressed to kill if I may say so! Josh wore his new suit and I wore one of my bridesmaid dresses (Thanks Brittany!) and black & white polka dot heels. We definitely impressed a few people who did not know we are dancers. It's about time they knew...

Congratulations Jon and Heather Fearing! (We didn't get any pictures of them)

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