Sunday, November 18, 2007

College Station

Last weekend Joshua and I headed down to College Station to visit a friend who just started at A&M. We didn't end up getting to spend much time with him, but we still had fun seeing the campus again and checking out the old town again! I miss College Station!In Rudder Fountain! Don't get wet!

We met up with Wesley, who was down visiting his girlfriend and got to eat with them. I really wanted to eat at Zapatos, but they were cleaning or fixing the inside and it smelled bad, so we went to Fitzwilly's instead. We drove by our old apartment and hung out in Research Park for a little while in the afternoon. Such a great place!
For dinner Joshua and I got Layne's to eat on our way home. Yum, chicken!Under the Century Tree - Meant to be!

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Jesse's girl said...

Aww, I want to go back and explore the town! My youngest sister is going to transfer to A&M next Fall, and we are planning a day date over Christmas to go explore, look at old places, check out apartments, etc. I'm so excited!

I hear Systek moved to the HEB shopping center on Texas! Crazy! (That location would have been SO much more convenient when I was working there.) I guess Craig finally split away from his Dad and brother...or maybe they all moved. I dont know. Interesting. I wonder if I went by to say hi, if he would even remember me.

You brought back many thoughts and memories, Sarah. Good times at Texas A&M! :) Thanks for sharing!