Friday, April 21, 2006

Live Latin Jazz

This story is from a couple weekends ago. I was looking around online for a community theater event for us to go to as a date night activity. After finding many prospects that were a bit on the expensive side, I was almost frustrated. Then I ran across the Rose Marine Theater. They were having a Live Latin Jazz concert that Saturday! Perfect timing! And student tickets were only $5. So I ordered the tickets and Saturday we headed over to Fort Worth. The concert was great! It was ina theater, with a big stage and room in front to dance. We sat at one of the tables set up by the stage. Most of the band were Puerto Ricans and the singer sang in English and Spanish. I was dying to dance but I knew we would only make fools of ourselves because we are not latin dancers. Then, in the middle of a song, the singer looked right at me and said "Come on, dance. You know you want to." Of course I did! But I was too self-conscious! So Joshua says "Let's dance." And we get up there and tried doing a little salsa. We had so much fun, even though I'm sure we looked pretty ridiculous.
After the show one of the ladies who was working the concession counter complimented us on our dancing. She said we looked really good and can dance well. We laughed and said thank you, but I'm sure she's a little crazy.
What a fabulous night. You can bet we will be going to the Rose Marine Theater again sometime.

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Jesse's girl said...

I've seen you two dance together, and I do not think you look "ridiculous" at all! Quite the contrary! It sounds like a lot of fun, and I'm so glad you found a neat place like that for date nights. :)