Monday, April 10, 2006

Birthday Party!

Joshua's second cousin turned 2 this month. We got to go to her "Puppy dog" themed party this past weekend! It was so fun! Jordan is so adorable and loves to dance, so of course she has a special place in my heart! =)Here she is with "big Josh" next to the dog house her mom made for the party.
All of the kids took pictures in the dog house as part of their party favors. There was a puppy-dog cake, coloring sheets, gift bags, and get this--the sandwiches were in the shapes of bones and doggies. Everything was puppy dogs! The only thing missing was our puppy dog! =)

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Jesse's girl said...

Too cute!! (I see you made your pictures different sizes...they look really great!) A puppy birthday party sounds like a lot of fun. Too bad Sammy couldnt come, I'm sure he would have had a blast!