Monday, April 24, 2006

How to cure boredom

While studying for finals and finishing up the last set of papers and projects, all students know that boredom is sure to set in at some point. There are many ways to ease boredom through study breaks. One of our favorite study breaks is sword fighting in the back yard with sticks. So that is what we did Sunday afternoon when the restlessness became too much to handle.

The hardest part for us is keeping our swords away from Sammy, who likes to try to bite them and chew on them.
Sarah has become the champion. The object is to hit the opponent's legs with your sword without them hitting yours. We usually play best of 5. The trick is the lunge. You have to just throw yourself at your opponent. Who would have known that this is my sport? All these years I've been trying to get good at conventional sports. Self-discovery is a wonderful thing.

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