Friday, April 07, 2006

Head in the Clouds, Feet on the ground

I love my classes at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary! They are so great! I am learning actual counseling skills in my counseling classes, which makes counseling seem so do-able for me. My human development class is the one that gets my head in the clouds. We discuss such interesting things about development and how we can minister to people at each stage of life. We discuss what churches can do better, what we as individuals can do to meet the needs of people in different stages, and what that looks like as a whole. I have realized how much of a dreamer/visionary I am when after each class I start thinking about how I can put into practice each principle we discussed. I start thinking "I wonder how our church does such-and-such? Maybe I need to tell them about this new idea. Maybe I should head up a new ministry in such-and-such." If I'm not careful, I'm going to drive my pastors crazy telling them all the ideas I have about ministry! =)

I am encouraged on a regular basis by the time I spend in classes. I learn something everyday and am excited about the time when I will start doing counseling. But even more than that, I am gaining information and knowledge that will serve for my lifetime, no matter where God leads us. It's so cool to see Him going before us and preparing the way. We will just continue to follow His path.

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