Thursday, December 09, 2010

Yes, we did have a Thanksgiving

 I realize I still have not posted from Thanksgiving.  Here is a short and sweet version just so it doesn't get left out.  We traveled to Santa Fe to see my grandmother.  My aunt, uncle, and cousins from Denver also came down and so we had a wonderful full house for Thanksgiving.  The first couple days were COLD!  It even snowed the first night just enough to put a small layer of snow along the ground and top of the wall.  Beautiful!
 We tried to go on a walk and the wind was so cold we were miserable!  But later in the weekend it warmed up enough for Josh and me to walk into town and look around a bit. 
 Kate did lots of "cooking."  She is very good about not opening the packages and pretended to make many coffee, candy corn, peanut butter creations.
 We loved getting to see my cousins!  They are great kids and we don't get to see them very often.  They are so great with Kate and she just loved them!
Kate liked being with her Dewey (what she calls my grandmother).  She's very adaptable to new situations.  We talked all about Dewey's house and who would be there so she was excited and ready once we got there.  

We drove to and from Santa Fe and are happy to say we survived.  Kate did well, all things considered, and it was an easy, but extremely boring drive.  I have to say that New Mexico south of Santa Fe made even West Texas look interesting. 

And finally, just because I haven't posted one in a while...

Big baby boy!


Beach said...

Looks like a nice holiday!! You are just too cute!!!!!

Melody said...

Cute little preggy lady! I'm glad Kate is adaptable...that certainly makes life a little easier. :)