Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Wedding

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Strader
Friday night we went to the wedding of our friends Jeff & Cherie. Its was an outdoor wedding, which meant sweat, but it was a beautiful wedding. We enjoyed being there, celebrating with them this exciting time in their lives. We also enjoyed being with our church family and enjoying community.I think we look pretty nice, too. =) They had tables set up where we sat even during the ceremony. That way they didn't have to change the set-up before we could eat. I thought that was pretty smart. It made it a very casual, relaxed seating arrangement. Unfortunately we sat in the back near a fountain and couldn't hear the ceremony really well. But we knew the gist of the event, so it was all good! =)

No dancing but good cake. There was talk about jumping into the swimming pool, but as far as I know it didn't happen. Our pastor tried to get us in on a pact that if he went in we would all go in. We agreed but nothing happened before we left, so we were in the clear.

Congratulations to Jeff & Cherie and their future together!

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Melody said...

You do look nice!