Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Survived Kid's Camp!

Yes, folks, I had another round of Kid's camp at Connect Church. I hadn't planned on going, but they needed another girl leader and my schedule cleared up, so I went. This year we went down to College Station for camp in Aggieland! (That definitely influenced my decision to go!) We had a great time. Here is my small group:

This is a random gangster picture. We were on the Orange team for camp, hence the orange.
We walked everywhere during camp...and it was tiring. But the good side was that the kids were tired too and would actually go to sleep at night. So I didn't have to play the "get in your room now" game this year. Games were good at Water Day Rec, but no mud wrestling this year. I haven't decided if that's good or not yet.It was great to be back on the Aggie campus, but I didn't really get to stroll around digging up memories. We stayed in the Commons (which are now all co-ed by floor! talk about a change for a conservative campus!) We ate in Duncan hall (Corp dining hall - not my choice). We did get to go swimming one afternoon, which was nice. I didn't get to go see my old dorm or visit All Faith's were Josh proposed to me.

More importantly, however, the kids learned a lot (I hope). The theme was "The Way" in which we taught the kids about the Narrow and the broad way. We had a couple kids make decisions for salvation and several make valuable spiritual connections to their lives. An no injuries this year! Yay for kid's camp! And Yay for coming home to my own bed afterwards!

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