Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

We have had a very enjoyable weekend. At lunchtime on Friday Joshua's boss let the office go home and start their weekend with the afternoon off. Big surprise for us! We didn't think that would happen! So after cleaning the house that afternoon, we were free to enjoy the weekend!

Of course, it's been raining the whole weekend, starting Friday. But we have made the most of it. On Saturday we took the dog rollerblading and then went to a 6th grade graduation party at a friend's house. And we didn't have to come home early to do homework! How great is that?

On Sunday we got to celebrate new life as 6 people from our church were baptized. Since our church meets at a community center near a park, after the second service we walk over to the community pool there at the park and baptize there in the pool. We had two children and 4 adults make a public confession that they are followers of Christ. They each wrote in their own words about how they became a Christ follower and an emcee read their story so that we could all celebrate with them. It was sprinkling the whole time, but that didn't stop people from coming down to celebrate. It was such a special time. What a blessing to be able to share in the lives and in the special moments in people's lives.

Today it is still sprinkling off and on. We've just been relaxing and enjoying the time off. We had a very festive Memorial Day breakfast.Happy Memorial Day!

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M&M said...

So glad to keep track of you two! Take care and keep in touch!!
Much love,
Matt, Martha, and Maegan Roberson