Monday, September 11, 2006


Howdy all! Everything is going well with us...just really busy! School is great and we like our classes but they keep us hitting the books (or in Joshua's case, building models) most of our free time.
Over Labor Day weekend we went to Santa Fe, NM to visit my grandmother. We had a great time. I'll post some pictures soon. We ran all over, looked at art galleries, saw a ballet and a flamenco show (which was awesome!), and got to see some other of her favorite things. And we had a break from the heat--the temperature was in the 50s and 60s there!
This past weekend we just hung out with friends and tried to get some homework done. On Saturday I watched my first ever UT football game when they were not playing A&M. And they lost.
I've got to get back to learning statistics...not my fave! I'll post more when I get a chance.

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Kristie said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for the note on my blog! I hope your semester is off to a great start...I have definitely hit the ground running! :) Hopefully I'll see you around!