Friday, September 01, 2006

School Days!

School has started again! Sarah had her first day of classes on Thursday, August 24th and Joshua started on the following Monday. So we both have a week under our belts and are diving in!

Sarah is taking 10 hours again and will have lots of reading this semester. But her classes are really good. She is taking Counseling Theory, Abnormal Psychology, Spiritual Formations, and Statistics (bleh).
She is still on staff at the church.

(First day of school pic!)

Joshua has 12 hours. He has a studio, a class on acoustics and lighting, and practicum--which means he gets credit for working at his job.
He is still working for the same architectural firm and learning a lot through that experience.

(First day of school pic!)

We'll have more stories as the semester moves on!

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Jesse's girl said...

Sarah, you look so GREAT!! (Not that Josh doesn't, but you know what I mean...)Have you been working out? You seriously look awesome girl!!

I hope your classes are fun an interesting this semester. Come see me soon!! :)