Monday, May 02, 2011

Small Town

My aunt has been after me to treat myself to a pedicure and Josh was enthusiastically agreeing.  So Saturday I called up a new place and made an appointment.  I usually just walk-in for things like this because I'm not the sort of girl who schedules a pedicure ahead of time.  It's usually like "when I get a chance I'll run in."  But I did this time.  I left my husband with both kids.  They were both sleeping when I left and actually stayed asleep almost the whole time.  Lucky guy.  Someday soon he will experience the circus of two kids actually awake at the same time. 

Anyways, when I met the nail tech who I had the appointment with she said, "You look familiar."  It turns out she is the mother of my sister-in-law's brother-in-law.  Yup.  Josh's brother's wife's sister's husband's mother.  She remembered me from the wedding where I was taking pictures. 

Kerrville sometimes is a very small town.  And she did a great pedicure.

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