Sunday, May 08, 2011

Proud Mom

 ...of a funny little girl who loves muffins as much as her mama does. Yes, that was lunch.

 ...of a brother and a sister who are already bonding and will hopefully be friends their whole lives.

...of a little fashionista who has no idea how cute she is.  Or does she?  She really does walk around wearing those sunglasses.

 ...of a handsome little guy who has already proven that he's a fighter (and maybe a troublemaker).

 ...of two beautiful blessings who fill me with joy (and sometimes make me crazy) and are gifts beyond what I could have asked for.  (And they obviously were thrilled to be in this picture with me)

And proud wife of an amazing husband who stands beside me, is willing to take on challenges, helps me relax, and tries to take whatever burdens from me that he can.

Happy Mother's Day

(Inspired by a friend's blog, I decided to do my own post)

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