Friday, April 01, 2011

Kate is 2!

 I'm a bit behind posting about Kate turning 2 years old.  That's right, folks, my little girl is 2 now.  And she's still amazing!  On her actual birthday we got breakfast tacos (because the girl LOVES them!) and gave her some of our gifts to her.  That evening we had a picnic dinner at the playground and she played and played and played.  Of course, I'm having trouble posting those pictures. 

That Saturday we had her party.  It was an alphabet theme because she's into letters.  I made her a t-shirt with a "K" on it.  We had letter-shaped sandwiches (thanks to large cookie cutters) and each kid got cookies in his initials (again, the cookie cutters). 
 At the party we had alphabet stamps to play with and foam frames to decorate with their names.  We took a picture of each kid and printed it out for them to take home in their little frame.  Big hit!
 The cupcakes were a big hit, too!  Kate likes to lick off all the frosting first and then eat the cake. 
 She is a great present opener, pulling all the tissue paper out, piece by piece and then carefully examining each gift.

We are now quite into the "2s," complete with challenges of toddlerhood and the joys of a little girl who is no longer a baby.  It's cool to watch her personality continue to develop as she asserts herself and makes decisions.  We are constantly amazed by this little girl.  What a blessing to be her parents!

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Beach said...

Awwwww looks like she had fun :)

:) Heather S.