Thursday, April 21, 2011


 James Cooper Seefeldt

Born on April 6 at 12:26am.  He was 8lbs, 4oz and 21 inches long.

We got to the hospital at 11:10pm.  The nurse checked my progress and announced that I would not have time for an epidural.  She and the other nurse jumped into action getting my IV set up and everything ready to deliver a baby.  Niessa, the RN/midwife who I wanted to deliver James and who had helped deliver Kate, was actually the one on-call.  She got there at midnight and after checking the monitors to see how labor was going, she checked my progress and said I could start pushing whenever.  James was born about 15 minutes later. 

It was quite an experience without an epidural.  Labor is intense and just gets more intense as the delivery gets closer...which would clearly make sense.  I'm glad to have had the experience and to experience it with a quick, easy delivery.  I would not have wanted to labor any longer than I did. 

My mom got to the hospital around 5am after driving all night.  She came to see us and then went to our house where Josh's mom was taking care of Kate.  They got her ready in her "big sister" t-shirt and came up to visit us. 
 Kate loves her little brother and was fond of him right from the beginning.  When he cries she says "It's okay, baby James."  She loves to kiss his head and touch him.  She likes to watch when we change his diaper.  She wants me to go get him if he cries in his bed.  It's very sweet. 

 We got to leave the hospital that same night around 9pm.  We were really excited to be home and had no idea that would only last about another 19 hours. 

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