Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mommy's helper

My girl is such a little helper.  She loves to take care of her babies - changing their diapers, wrapping them in blankets to take a nap, telling them she loves them.  She helps me unload the dishwasher and helps with sewing projects.

Today, Kate learned a new chore.  I got the urge to dust and wipe baseboards today.  Kate joined me. We put socks on our hands to use as dust-rags and started tackling the house.  As I was wiping baseboards I realized that two years ago I was doing the same thing with a huge pregnant belly...but I was doing it by myself.  Kate really got into the dusting and wanted to dust everything...even the beds.  So maybe she didn't really completely understand the purpose.  But at least I had a buddy to do my chores with. 

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