Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grief and healing

It's amazing how life can be going along just fine and then tragedy strike so suddenly to try to knock you down.  Tragedy that reminds us of our own frailty, our own fallen nature, our own needs for Someone stronger.  Sadness that goes deep and comes forth sometimes at unexpected moments.

On Friday, February 11, we found out that our beloved pastor had lost his battle with a serious disease.  He was found dead on a ranch where he likes to hunt.  He had taken his own life.  He had struggled with depression for a while and this time did not find another way out.  Our church and our community have lost an incredible man. 

I am reminded that our God is a compassionate God, who knows our frailties.  Indeed, for He created us with His own hands and sent His Son as provision to bring us back to Him so that we would not wander hopelessly in darkness.  Yet in this world we will face trouble, pain, sorrow, and suffering that tries to suffocate us.  And God knows the enemy of our souls.  An enemy who does nothing but kill, steal, and destroy.

In this month since the incident we have gotten to see that we are a part of a healthy church.  We are grieving and learning how to move forward.  The enemy has attacked our shepherd.  The sheep have not scattered. 

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Beach said...

Great post!!! It is amazing to me the blessings and love God gives us every day but, especially at our lowest points!!!!

:) Heather