Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Architecture Convention

The yearly architecture convention is often a family event for us. Pre-Kate I even went to a few of the session (and almost fell asleep during one...oops). My favorite part was the expo where I would try to get as many free goodies as possible. This year Josh was getting recognized officially as a new architect in the state, so we went. Fortunately the convention was close to home in the big city.

Kate loved the expo and definitely got some freebies just because she's cute.

Here is Josh and his coworker with the president of the Texas association of Architects (or something like that. Josh hasn't gotten back to me to clear up her title.)

Kate couldn't wait to run up on stage and give daddy a hug and high-five. Josh would probably have been the youngest one on stage except for Kate.

The next day, while the guys were in classes for continuing education, Jo Ann, Kate and I were shopping. Kate loved the boats on the riverwalk and Jo Ann took us on a boat ride. Kate loved it...right up when she fell asleep. It was a beautiful morning and so peaceful on the river. Thanks for the boat ride!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

October means fall and pumpkin patch time! Kate and I had a great time at the Medina Pumpkin Patch today.

Do you like my goat horns and ears? Thanks goes to our friend Josh Smithson for not telling me my head was exactly positioned. Hmm.

We watched a puppet show and they did Little Red Riding Hood. It was all good until they told the version where the wolf eats Granny and then they cut his stomach open and Granny popped out. Really? For a bunch of kids? I'm just glad Kate wasn't really following the story.

Next year we will take Josh and baby Seefeldt with us and maybe it will be cool enough for hot cider.
I guess it's about time to post at least one belly bump picture. It's finally starting to look like a baby bump as opposed to too much ice cream.
So here we are at 15 weeks. I'm feeling pretty good these days but still like a nap every now and then.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday to Josh today! Kate has been practicing saying "happy birthday daddy" and while it comes out kind of slurred, it's really cute. We had a surprise family birthday lunch for him yesterday, complete with Spider-Man cake.
Yes, I did have him wear that hat the whole time!
Today we celebrated his birthday with presents in the morning, recognition and cupcakes at the BSM lunch at Schreiner University, a nice dinner out, and more presents when we got home. Kate was ready to play with all his presents right away.

Happy Birthday to my best friend ever! I hope your day(s) has been wonderful and that you feel celebrated for the wonderful man that you are. I love you!