Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Architecture Convention

The yearly architecture convention is often a family event for us. Pre-Kate I even went to a few of the session (and almost fell asleep during one...oops). My favorite part was the expo where I would try to get as many free goodies as possible. This year Josh was getting recognized officially as a new architect in the state, so we went. Fortunately the convention was close to home in the big city.

Kate loved the expo and definitely got some freebies just because she's cute.

Here is Josh and his coworker with the president of the Texas association of Architects (or something like that. Josh hasn't gotten back to me to clear up her title.)

Kate couldn't wait to run up on stage and give daddy a hug and high-five. Josh would probably have been the youngest one on stage except for Kate.

The next day, while the guys were in classes for continuing education, Jo Ann, Kate and I were shopping. Kate loved the boats on the riverwalk and Jo Ann took us on a boat ride. Kate loved it...right up when she fell asleep. It was a beautiful morning and so peaceful on the river. Thanks for the boat ride!

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