Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

October means fall and pumpkin patch time! Kate and I had a great time at the Medina Pumpkin Patch today.

Do you like my goat horns and ears? Thanks goes to our friend Josh Smithson for not telling me my head was exactly positioned. Hmm.

We watched a puppet show and they did Little Red Riding Hood. It was all good until they told the version where the wolf eats Granny and then they cut his stomach open and Granny popped out. Really? For a bunch of kids? I'm just glad Kate wasn't really following the story.

Next year we will take Josh and baby Seefeldt with us and maybe it will be cool enough for hot cider.


Melody said...

Kate is so beautiful! I love her hair coming in and those bright eyes. Sweet girl.

Beach said...

Looks like a wonderful Fall kinda thing to are glowing!!

:) Heather