Thursday, September 30, 2010

Almost 13...

...weeks pregnant that is. Whoohoo! The nausea has begun to subside for the most part. I'm still tired most of the time and ravenously hungry at inconvenient times.

And I have to say the baby bump pops out a little sooner the second time around. It just makes me wonder: Am I gaining more weight this time around? Will I be HUGE by the time March rolls around? Or is this just a head start? Hopefully I won't be getting a talk from the doctor about watching the calories. Humpf.

Other than that I have discovered a few things:
-- Toddler snack times and preggie snack times line up nicely. As long as I eat something similar to what Kate is eating, I will actually get to eat it without her wanting some of mine.

--Toddler nap times are also preggie nap times, but I could stand for a few more during the day than Kate seems to need.

--Thinking of sharing this new baby with Kate makes me feel excited and happy and bursting with love...and a bit exhausted. Those will be busy days.

I'll be finishing up at the pregnancy center where I volunteer soon. If there were not a carseat in the middle of my backseat, I might consider taking a quick nap before heading home.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Kate took her baby buggy on our evening walk today. She loves pushing her babies. She's getting so big. Such an amazing little girl.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's that time again...

Fall is coming soon to Texas and it's time for cooler weather and football games. Both of which I enjoy very much.

It's also that time again...
Yup, time for the Seefeldts to start getting ready for their next little one. Lil Seef is due early April. We thought we'd start him or her off right.

We are super excited!

Unfortunately, it has also been time for morning sickness and exhaustion. I'm hoping that will end in the next couple weeks as we move into the second trimester.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Not ME! Monday

I'm borrowing the fun from MCKMama. A goofy way to confess all the not so perfect things you have done recently. This will be a quick-and-dirty version.

Sunday was a long day. Of course, I did not choose to take a nap instead of working on preparing the side dish we needed to take that afternoon to an event. I did not leave it up to Josh to help me after his softball practice. And when he did get home to help, I did not end up talking on the phone instead of helping him.

Today was a long day. After missing our usual nap time, I did not put Kate down for a late nap just so that I could lie down for a few minutes. When I couldn't sleep, I did not eat a few snacks before getting her up just so I didn't have to share with her.

I certainly did not lie to my child and tell her that the M&Ms I was eating were medicine because, again, I didn't want to share.

I definitely am not keeping tabs on how many nights this week I am putting Kate to bed alone while Josh is out playing sports. I would never tally something like that (2 for 2).

I did not eat 2 or 3 Hershey's minis while watching TV and working on MOPS stuff just because no one else was home and I needed to indulge myself.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Rainy Day

This morning it is raining. That means no walk outside to exercise the restless dog and exercise-needing mommy. Instead, we three (mommy, baby, and dog) sit on the front porch watching the rain. It's finally cool outside. Kate wants mommy to pick weed flowers and pile them on mommy's leg. Sammy explores the yard and then sits with us watching the rain.

I'm ready to go in. There is laundry to fold, laundry to wash, vacuuming to accomplish. But Kate wants to watch the rain. So we sit there, we three, watching the rain.

Then Kate wants to walk out on the sidewalk. "Mommy doesn't want to," I tell her. I don't really want to get wet. It's easier to sit here. Kate tries to get Sammy to go with her, but he doesn't understand.

"Okay, Mommy will go with you," I say as I strip off my socks and offer my hand. She won't always want me to walk in the rain with her. There won't always be rain to walk in when it's convenient for me. What a chance to be free from the practical adult routine I usually try to remember! Laundry and vacuuming are worlds away as we walk down the sidewalk in the drizzly rain. We stop and I show her how to toss leaves in flowing water by the curb. "More," she says (as usual) and we toss more.

Soon it is time to go inside. We call to Sammy and walk back inside. Back inside to change into dry, comfy clothes. We got to escape, on a rainy day, the usual routine and remember to enjoy the wonders that are all around us.