Monday, September 13, 2010

Not ME! Monday

I'm borrowing the fun from MCKMama. A goofy way to confess all the not so perfect things you have done recently. This will be a quick-and-dirty version.

Sunday was a long day. Of course, I did not choose to take a nap instead of working on preparing the side dish we needed to take that afternoon to an event. I did not leave it up to Josh to help me after his softball practice. And when he did get home to help, I did not end up talking on the phone instead of helping him.

Today was a long day. After missing our usual nap time, I did not put Kate down for a late nap just so that I could lie down for a few minutes. When I couldn't sleep, I did not eat a few snacks before getting her up just so I didn't have to share with her.

I certainly did not lie to my child and tell her that the M&Ms I was eating were medicine because, again, I didn't want to share.

I definitely am not keeping tabs on how many nights this week I am putting Kate to bed alone while Josh is out playing sports. I would never tally something like that (2 for 2).

I did not eat 2 or 3 Hershey's minis while watching TV and working on MOPS stuff just because no one else was home and I needed to indulge myself.

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Melody said...

Love it. I do not ever hide my chocolate so I never have to share...