Thursday, September 30, 2010

Almost 13...

...weeks pregnant that is. Whoohoo! The nausea has begun to subside for the most part. I'm still tired most of the time and ravenously hungry at inconvenient times.

And I have to say the baby bump pops out a little sooner the second time around. It just makes me wonder: Am I gaining more weight this time around? Will I be HUGE by the time March rolls around? Or is this just a head start? Hopefully I won't be getting a talk from the doctor about watching the calories. Humpf.

Other than that I have discovered a few things:
-- Toddler snack times and preggie snack times line up nicely. As long as I eat something similar to what Kate is eating, I will actually get to eat it without her wanting some of mine.

--Toddler nap times are also preggie nap times, but I could stand for a few more during the day than Kate seems to need.

--Thinking of sharing this new baby with Kate makes me feel excited and happy and bursting with love...and a bit exhausted. Those will be busy days.

I'll be finishing up at the pregnancy center where I volunteer soon. If there were not a carseat in the middle of my backseat, I might consider taking a quick nap before heading home.


Donald and Angela said...

Hi friend! Guess who I saw today...your brother!! He was with the Lonergans - and Jess is one of my dear friends. He said he was off to meet you guys tomorrow! Small world. CONGRATS on your news! How wonderful. We're expecting baby #2 in early February...must be something in the TX water :) Hope all continues to go well with pregnancy!

Autumn Beck said...

I can't believe I lost track of your blog! I'm subscribing in Google reader right away...oh and I can believe I lost track of your blog b/c I forget to read my own husbands!

Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited for your pregnancy. Hope all is well with you guys.