Friday, November 05, 2010

Need a new website?

Hey, this is Josh.
I love my wife. She does a great job at keeping the blog updated. It used to be 'our' blog, but due to my lack of contribution, it has really become her blog. She is such a great writer and has great insight and wisdom. So I kinna hate that my rare post isn't really an update at all. But here it is.

I've spent a good amount of time at work getting our new website set up. You can check it out here. We used a website template from Clover Sites, and from the last few months of working with them I have really grown to appreciate their company, and their product. They started off making websites for ministries and churches, but have recently expanded to also do any type of business. Compared to other website options, their price is great, their templates are beautiful, and their web based editor is so simple and easy to use.
So if you or someone you know needs a website for your ministry or business, I really recommend Clover. Go to their website for tons more helpful information.

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