Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Puerto Rico

This past weekend we took a quick vacation with my parents to visit my brother in Puerto Rico. First of all, it was so wonderful to be warm again and to feel the sun on my face and to walk around wearing a skirt, sandals, and t-shirt. We got to lie by the pool, watch the ocean waves, put our feet in the ocean (Josh actually went in but I didn't really want to. The water was still a bit chilly.).

But even more importantly we got to spend great time with my brother and my parents. We got to see Matthew's house, attend a church that supports his ministry, meet some of his friends, get coffee at his favorite coffee shop, and see other local venues. Matthew is doing really well and seems to be adjusting to life in PR pretty well.The view from our hotel room
Another view from a different side of the hotel

a funny chair at the hotel

Kate was a great traveler. She hung in there for all the craziness that comes with long flights, time changes, and different cultures. She loved spending time with her tio (uncle) and grandparents. We have an amazing baby girl.

I need to get some more pictures from my mom's camera, so I'll post more when I do.

It was hard to leave Puerto Rico, but I know we'll be going back soon.

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Shell & Mike said...

Looks like yall had some fun! I am glad you got to spend some time with your family and it looks beautiful there!! Kate is precious!!