Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Actually, this is her first rodeo

Last Friday a friend and I ventured to San Antonio to take our girls to their first rodeo. It was not the sunny beautiful day we were hoping for, but it was still a great trip and the girls were bundled.

They loved the animals! It was so fun to see Kate's eyes light up as she sat forward and looked at the horse or pig or cow or pony I was pointing out to her. She would point and wave at the animal.Looking at the chicks. She really wanted to get in there with them.Here I am telling her something very intelligent about the chicks. Probably something she will remember forever and will help her win at trivial pursuit.

Pointing at the ponies. She loved watching them!

Kate does not want to be a goat when she grows up.

Kate and her friend Abigail. Don't they look thrilled?
Our little piggies! Don't they look so cute!

The rodeo is a must for next year. We are thinking cowboy boots and hats are in order for the girls.

In case you were wondering, I did wear my cowboy boots.


Shell & Mike said...

Precious Pictures!

Melody said...

We attempted to take Ryleigh (& Wesley) to the Houston Rodeo today ~ it was gorgeous outside and we figured she would have a great time. Total disappointment! Only about 3 rides for the little ones and there was no livestock there (yet)! ugh. We were so sad that her first rodeo was not as fun as we anticipated.

It looks like Kate had a great time! And way to go, braving the cowboy boots...