Monday, September 28, 2009


I hate clutter. It's one of those things that just gets under my skin. It stresses me out to look around my house and see clutter on the surfaces, stuff stacked up or stuck in corners. I am very intent right now on de-cluttering our house. Every room will be scrutinized, every shelf examined, and every surface liberated.

We have recently realized the need to de-clutter our life as well. Josh and I had the best of intentions when we moved here to make sure we did not get too busy. We wanted to protect family time with our little one and couple time for us. But busyness sneaked up on us. We've decided we won't be able to lead a Bible study for our church in our home right now. It's hard for us to say no to things when we see a need we can fill. We like to be involved and we like to see purpose in our lives here. We are learning new limits these days.

Time to give clutter the ole' heave ho!

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