Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chaco tan

Summer is drawing to a close. Football season is here and school is back in session. I was thinking about how quickly the summer flew by when I noticed something. Faint though it is, there on my feet I noticed a chaco tan.

Chacos are a brand of sandals, somewhat similar to Tevas, that have quite a following among camp counselors and young missionaries. When Josh and I worked at Laity Lodge Youth Camp we were introduced to Chacos as many of the counselors sported Chacos due to their durability, comfort, and all-terrain-ness. The criss-cross straps leave a particular set of tan lines on the wearer's feet. I had wanted Chacos for a while and finally bought some for our trip. I wore them all the time on our trip and have continued to wear them almost constantly once the weather got warm enough.

Last summer I spent much of my time indoors, either in class or counseling. My hair did not get lighter as in summers past, I did not develop any interesting tan lines from days at the pool.

So when I saw my faint Chaco tan, I was reminded of summers spent outside playing, summers spent running around. I realized that this summer I had been outside, this year pushing a stroller. The summer did not go by so fast that it did not leave its mark. Here's to more summers as a stay at home mommy with kids, outside enjoying the sun.

Looking at that tan I decided it was a good summer.

And for a few minutes I felt like one of the cool counselors - even if it is 6 years late.

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