Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogging for Books

I have recently gotten the opportunity to "blog for books." Random House publishers will send me a copy of a new book to read and then I blog about it during a particular week for the book blog tour.

This is my first time to participate. When I heard about this book, the counselor in me couldn't pass it up.

In Kiss Me Again Barbara Wilson addresses how marital intimacy is hindered by past sexual experiences outside of marriage. She explains that bonds are formed during sex, whether consensual or forced, that then hinder the development of oneness in marriage. The bonds have both physiological and emotional components that impact the martial sexual relationship. Wilson speaks of her own experience and struggles and her healing. She offers hope, support, and suggestions on how to heal from one's past and how to develop a deeper relationship with one's husband. Wilson also discusses how to improve one's marriage through communication, forgiveness, openness, and friendship.

I think Wilson approaches the subject with understanding, insight, and knowledge. She is quick to give God the credit for the healing she has received and encourages women to allow God to work healing in them. She even provides a guide for small group use. I think this book could be a value resource for spouses struggling with intimacy, as well as those who have a desire to minister to women.

I found the subject interesting because it is not one I have heard discussed very much before. I think it is important for us to teach our kids and those to whom we minister that sex outside of marriage creates these bonds that, without healing from God, hinder what He has designed for marriage.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. If you are interested in checking out this book, you can find out more info here:

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Laura Stiller said...

So, how does one get involved in blogging for books? I'm totally interested in this. Do you get to pick the genre or book you'll read? Are they taking more bloggers?