Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Moving out, but not moving on

Leaving Arlington was hard. Not physically, of course. We got the biggest Penske truck, loaded it up with the help of some friends, and drove right out. But the effect on our hearts was much stronger.

We have really great friends in Arlington. We spent a lot of time getting together with people before we left. I still can't get over the fact that people cried saying goodbye to us. Crying over us? I would not ever have thought that would happen.

When I got in my car to begin the journey, even though I was eager to start my audiobook, I had to just sit and reflect on everything that was happening. I can remember telling my dad when we first moved to Arlington that we probably wouldn't be there much longer than 2-3 years because we didn't have much reason to stay once school was finished. And I wouldn't say we were necessarily attached to Arlington. But we had put roots down and invested in where we were and were blessed with incredible relationships. That's not something you just "move on" from.

In order to get the complete picture of the move-out, however, here are a couple pictures. Here is Josh tearing holes again in the overhang at the stairs in order to be able to get our boxspring and mattress down. This staircase was not built for queen beds or people over 6 feet.
The tug-of-war begins! Our friend Felipe had helped with the move-in at this house and remembers well the struggle with the bed last time.Saying goodbye to our townhouse in Arlington.
We've moved out, but we have not moved on from our time there.

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