Thursday, December 06, 2007

To anyone who regularly checks this blog:
I'm sorry I have not posted since Thanksgiving. Talk about a busy time. Finals start tomorrow and I have been more busy these past weeks than ever. I know it will all be over soon and that I will finish well. But in the meantime I have to press through. Joshua's final project is due tomorrow and then he's finished for the semester.

Besides school we are also getting ready for the mission trip we are leading with our church. It's fun and exciting. We have our last training meeting with the team this Sunday. We are going to talk about taking our personal worship with us to Mexico. We'll share some things that we learned from our time in North Africa.

So anyways, I plan to update more thoroughly later. Over the next few days remember us in prayer as we end our semester.

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Jesse's girl said...

Just wanted to check and make sure you "survived" all the craziness and finals! I have been thinking about you often, and praying for sanity and fun this holiday season. :) Miss ya!