Thursday, April 05, 2007

What's up with the Seefeldts?

I guess it's about time for another update...just in case someone checks this who doesn't get to hear stories of our life. School is still keeping our noses to the grindstone. Josh is upstairs right now designing a hospital for one of his classes. I've been reading St. Augustine's On Christian Teaching for a book review for my New Testament class. Joshua still needs to tackle his cardboard chair project - yes, ladies and gents, he's going to make a chair out of cardboard! That should be an interesting addition to our ecclectic living room furniture collection.

The exciting news for me is that I have been accepted to start practicum in the summer! This is a part of my counseling program at the counseling center on campus. We have 3 semesters of practicum where we watch other students counsel for one semester and then get to do it ourselves for 2 semesters. Yay! I'm really excited!

Last weekend we went to Houston to see "Wicked" with my family. So fun! We really enjoyed the "true story of the witches of Oz." And I got to see my cousins and aunt and uncle from Colorado. We forgot our camera, so hopefully I can get some pictures from mom.

One crazy thing that happened last weekend, too, was a crazy skin problem Josh started having. We thought we had bed bugs. We woke up one morning with bites on us. Then Josh got more the next night. Then the bites started getting worse and worse and turning into some kind of rash. He was still sure he was getting bitten at night. We washed all of our sheets, turned our room upside down cleaning and vacuuming and moving stuff. We tried to find anything that would be carrying bugs. We researched what to do online. The rashy bites kept getting worse. And finally I made him an appointment with a dermatologist. And the verdict...


He must have gotten it mowing one day last week. So we don't have any bugs in the house and Josh now has medicine to take care of the rashes. Man is he allergic to poison ivy!

So that was our excitement.
Have a happy Easter!

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