Sunday, April 22, 2007

Arlington News

So, what has been going on lately with us? Well, the semester is coming to a close, which means that projects and papers are due. So we are busy little beavers trying to finish stuff up. Then tragedy struck last weekend.

Well, it's not really a tragedy, just "too bad." Our truck got broken into and Joshua's laptop and iPOD were stolen. Yeah, it stinks. What we are really sad about is that his semester's worth of school projects was on that laptop. So now he has to try to put together a presentation from about 2 files that he could recover from other sources. He's been very optimistic about it, but we are sad that his work is gone. We filed the police report and all but nothing so far about our stuff. Insurance should cover something so we will find out. Fortunately, all of our pictures from our trips are either backed-up on CD at here at the house or on my laptop. So nothing like that was lost.

Besides that the other interesting thing is that we have 2 couches and a love seat in our living room! Haha! My parents gave us their old set and we are waiting to donate the one we have been using. So right now we have lots of seating room...sometimes we sit on different couches just because we can! =)

Yesterday we took a break from studying and went to the park to throw the football for a while. The wind here is crazy right now, so we didn't try the frisbee. But we had a little picnic for dinner before tackling more homework. Now I am procrastinating getting back to reading my textbook. Somehow updating the blog and checking email just seems to be more fun.

Well, have a wonderful week. I will try to keep this updated a little bit more. And if you are ever in the area, give us a call!


Wenfa said...

What a miserable situation! I can understand your feelings since ipod was Josh's favorite and the laptod was Josh's works. Hope you guys recover soon. Now we know that truck is not a safe.

Shell & Mike said...

Man Sarah....sorry to here about the laptop getting stolen. Poor Josh! Besides that...hope all is well!!!