Monday, November 20, 2006

Movin' on up!

The new news is....
We have a new place to live! For those of you who have had the chance to visit us in our dear little duplex, you know that although our house is great, the neighborhood isn't so much. But, never fear! We will shortly have a new address!
We have found a townhome in a great block of townhomes and will be moving in next month. It is a two-story place with about 15oo square feet of possibilities! We are so excited! It really makes it tough to sit down and study for finals and write research papers when all I want to do is plan and pack and dream about decorations and arranging furniture.

Anyways, we will email out the new address when we move in. And then you should plan a visit to come see the new place!

much love,
Joshua and Sarah


Anonymous said...
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Shell & Mike said...

Congrats Sarah! I've been soooo bad lately about checking blogs and updating ours...=(.

Kristie said...

How fun! Moving always involves so many possibilities... Just don't do what I did last December and move during an arctic blast (with ice and freezing rain and sleet). That wasn't so much fun. Good luck with finals and finishing out the semester! We're almost done!!! :)