Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Another Dallas Weekend

Last weekend we went to the architecture convention in Dallas with Jack and JoAnn and their dog Gracie. Before the convention Gracie came over to play with Sammy. They had so much fun running around our backyard and playing tug-a-war.

Sammy has been waiting for a friend to come play in his backyard!

Then on Friday we headed over to Dallas. Since we had the dogs, we stayed a little ways away from the Convention center in a hotel that allowed dogs. Joshua and Jack went to their lectures and classes and JoAnn and I hung out at the hotel and walked the dogs. On Friday night we had dinner in the West End with some people from Jack's firm. We got to ride the train, the Dart, into town. It reminded us of being in Europe again.
Saturday the guys went back to lectures and we met them for lunch. Then Jack went back for one more class and Joshua, JoAnn, the dogs, and I walked around town looking at monuments and sculptures.
Water Crossing! Everyone over! No complaining!

We got caught in the stampede outside the convention center, but don't worry, we are all fine now.

Thanks for a fun weekend, Jack, JoAnn, and Gracie! Come back and visit us again soon!


Beth Wilson said...

Hey Josh and Sarah!

I hope you guys are doing well. I died laughing at the picture of Josh staring at that piece of architecture.

P.S. Sarah, can you send me your number one more time....

Hope school is going well for you both!

Ryan Wayson said...

Hey Josh and Sarah! This is Ryan and Nicole Wayson! I'm glad to see all is well with you guys. A little update: We will be graduating from Heart of God Ministries' Boot Camp this Saturday, Nov 18. After that we'll be in the DFW area for much of the rest of Nov and nearly all of Dec. Nicole reminded me that y'all's wedding card mentioned keeping up with us and possibly supporting us when we began fundraising. Well it is that time...we'd love to get together with you and chat about what the Lord is doing in yours and our lives. us at or call us at 817 319 3089 and maybe we can set up a time to meet! Keep seeking first the kingdom and God Bless!