Tuesday, January 25, 2011

He's a live one!

I had another ob appointment yesterday and she did another ultrasound to check on things with baby James.  He had the doctor laughing with all his silly antics.  Baby James was active during the ENTIRE ultrasound - and not just turning his head and waving type stuff.  He was pulling his foot up to his face and then stretching it back out.  He was putting his hands in front of his face and turning his head away from us and then back to us.  He was doing all kinds of things.  We have figured out why my blood sugar drops suddenly and I have to eat more and more food just to stay afloat -- this little guy is sucking away all my nutrients and energy! 

And he's not such a little guy either.  The average weight at this point is about 2.5 pounds.  James is looking like he weighs about 4 pounds.  It's all based on measurements, so we can't be for sure, but he know he's not little.  My doctor said we will check again at 36 weeks to see how big he's getting.  Oh boy!
And he has big feet!  Which is funny because neither Josh nor I have really big feet.  But my brother does, so maybe he's getting it from my side.  We got to see a few 3D pictures, too, and it looks like he might have a nose like Joshua.  Not a cute little nose like Kate.  But if he looks like his daddy, he will be a handsome boy indeed.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

27 weeks!

James is getting big!  And, yes, I know I still have several months to go! =)

Friday, January 07, 2011

Cool Car!

This is exactly what Kate said when we showed her the peddle car my grandmother got her for Christmas.

Yes, folks, that is a BMW convertible.  We park it in the garage next to Mommy's car.  Kate will often ask if we can take her car to run errands.  It's made for kids 3 years and up and Kate cannot reach the peddles yet.  So we have to push her if she's going to go anywhere.  She doesn't seem to mind and is learning to steer pretty well. 


 Our family is bigger this year and we got to celebrate Christmas in Kerrville with Kate's cousin Madi. The girls get along really well and it's fun for Kate to have a cousin now.

 We also got to go to Denver with my side of the family.  We opted to fly, even with the thought of trying to contain a toddler for 2 hours in our laps.  Kate was a super traveler, though, and traveling couldn't have been smoother.  And once we got to Denver Josh and I actually got to sleep in a few days while my parents took care of Kate in the mornings.  My brother was in the states from Puerto Rico and Kate got to spend much needed time with her uncle. 

We made a gingerbread house with my cousins Maddie and Alexander.  Kate learned how to scoop icing up with her fingers and lick it off.  Can you tell how much she enjoyed that?