Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Oh Deer!

Anyone thinking of coming to Texas for warmer weather this winter needs to wait to book a flight.  I know it's still winter, but come on. This is Texas. 

Today we actually did have ice on the roads.  Not covering the roads, but in small patches.  We have been a one care family the past couple days because a friend is borrowing Josh's truck.  So Kate and I were taking Josh to work this morning.  We survived the ice, dropped Josh at his office, and were headed home. 

Suddenly, I saw him.  A wild, crazy-eyed deer to my left racing across the road I was coming down.  He was perpendicular to me, swerving would be no help.  With the potential of ice on the road, anything fast was dangerous.  All I could do was hold my course. 

The crazy animal ran right into my door!  He destroyed my side mirror and left it hanging.  I watched him flip around on the ground and then get up and run off, so I'm pretty sure he was fine.  And fortunately so were we and so was the car (except for the mirror).  That's saying a lot because we know several people whose cars have been totaled by deer.

We decided to tape the mirror back on the mount until we can take it in to get replaced.  We are really fortunate to not have more damage.  Still not the way to start out your morning. 

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Beach said...

So glad you girls' and the car are o.k.!!!!