Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Kate!

Kate is 1 year old today! I can't believe my baby is now a one-year-old. It's amazing to think that a year ago she was finally here. Before then we had not seen her or held her or kissed her or experienced the joy that is Kate.

We had her birthday party this past Saturday and I have to say it was quite a success. We had a great time and Kate did too. Several of her friends were there and we had a happy chaotic time. The weather was awful - cold, windy, and overcast - so we had an inside party. But the pinata still worked inside and the cakes was delicious, so no one seemed to mind.
With this pinata instead of hitting it with a stick there were strings to pull that would break the bottom. Much safer with little kids.

Kate's party was a bunny theme. She wore her ears for a little while.

My mom helped me make her cake. So fun!

She had her own little bunny cake which she enjoyed eating, contrary to how she may appear in this picture. =)

So far today we have celebrated with blueberry pancakes for breakfast. We have leftover birthday cake for tonight, a few more presents for her, and we will see what happens in between! =)

Thank you to all who helped make her birthday celebration so fun. Kate, your parents love you more than you can imagine and we are so thankful for this year we have gotten to have with you. We look forward to many more and are excited to watch you grow up. You are a blessing and a joy to us, more than you will ever know.


Kristie said...

Happy birthday, Kate! Welcome to life as a big girl! :)

Joe, Ash, Grayson and Hank said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Kate! We miss you and think of you every time we go get on the swings. :) xoxo

Shell & Mike said...

Time goes by so fast!! I hope she enjoyed her special day!!!

Anonymous said...

lovely to have on your lap at that age, hand inside the diaper rubbing the p---y they go wild kicking as they orgasm then you lick your fingers and taste the baby p---y