Wednesday, June 24, 2009

whirlwind month

I know this blog is totally in need of an update. This month has just been so crazy! We have been out of town 3 out of the past 4 weekends. My house stays clean for about a day each time I tidy up. Someday things will slow down...but not yet. So here's a quick update.

Last weekend we were up in the Metroplex for Josh's cousin's wedding. This was Kate's first wedding and she did great! She stood up in the back with Papa Jack during the ceremony.

I love this dress on her! Here's the family all dressed up! (Kate is getting very tired at this point)

Fell asleep during the reception. Sweet baby.

We got to stay in Arlington with friends for the weekend, so we got to see lots of friends and go to our church again. That was so great.

Two weeks before this (the weekend after my birthday) we were up in Arlington again for a Sip 'n See shower to show Kate off to our friends. It was so fun and since Kate is such a social baby, everything went really well. I don't have many pictures from the shower because someone else was taking pictures for me. I'll post when I get some.

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