Saturday, August 09, 2008

Surprise Visit

On Wednesday my mom called me to see if I had plans on Friday. Since I didn't have anything set up for sure yet, she said she might be able to come up for the day to spend time with me. We had been trying to coordinate schedules for a while to drive down to spend a weekend with my parents and it's just been tough lately. Every other weekend I have supervision at SafeHaven on Saturdays, which basically takes that weekend out for traveling. One weekend we had proposed my parents already had plans to be traveling. With our upcoming trip to the Middle East, it was looking like I wasn't going to get to see my parents (whom I haven't seen since May) until late September.

So Mom worked her schedule to come Thursday night and spend Friday with me! We had a great time! We went shopping and looking at decorating things. We took Josh to lunch and showed Mom his new office at the ballpark. We spent lots of time laughing. The day went by quickly of course, but it was a wonderful day!

Thanks for coming, Mom! It was a treat to have you here!

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