Monday, January 14, 2008

And we're back!

My apologies to anyone who checks this regularly. This Christmas break has flown by! I'll try to cover all the good stuff in a few posts and add pictures wherever possible.

Bustamante was great! We had a wonderful team who went on the trip and had an incredible time there. The church we are working with there had planned a kids Christmas party for that Saturday and we got to help with songs and games. Over 70 kids were there.
We had taken 200 shoebox Christmas gifts for the church to give to kids in the area and we got to wrap them and pass them out to the kids who came to the party. We didn't know that we would get the opportunity to give the gifts to the kids, so that was a great surprise to be a part of that.

Here are some of the wrapped gifts in the church. We spent about an hour in the morning wrapping the boxes. We had quite the assembly line going!

Here are the kids sitting waiting for their food. The church had made a different version of chilly-dogs for the kids.

We got back safely with no problems on Sunday. Then Joshua and I finished packing for Colorado and got on a plane early the next morning, Christmas Eve, and flew to Denver to be with my family. We had a white Christmas! In fact, it snowed all day on Christmas! That was a treat for us Texans! We had a wonderful, Superman Christmas! We have a tradition for Christmas where we all get something that matches - funny hats, nice sweaters, shirts, etc - and this year was Superman and Supergirl.

So, even though we had a crazy traveling schedule, we enjoyed being able to do everything we got to do. We love being able to be a part of what God is doing all over the world. It was a quick and somewhat exhausting trip, but there is nothing to compare to being used by God to do His work. And then to be able to be with family is a blessing we do not take for granted.

Merry (late) Christmas!

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Jesse's girl said...

It was so great to talk and catch up with you last night. I'm so glad you and Josh had a happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas with your family. :)

Love ya!