Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just for the record, I should not even be thinking about posting an update right now. I have my first test of the semester tomorrow morning, plus I'm supposed to have read a book by tomorrow that I still have about 60 pages in. I have research to do, counseling sessions to plan, and more housework than I really want to consider.

But I couldn't resist when I realized that I have not put a word out in the blogosphere in many days.

As you can probably tell, the Seefeldts are engulfed in the semester. Yes, engulfed. But the really exciting news is that Joshua found out that he can graduate in May of 2008 instead of December of 2008. Talk about a big change! We are so excited!

So, what does that mean for us besides one less semester of tuition to pay (as if that isn't enough reason for a party!)? Well, Sarah will finish her classwork in May and then do her internship to finish her program during the summer. She can't officially graduate until December, though, because there is no August graduation at seminary. (She is trying not to be bitter.) Sarah is working with a professor to figure out her options at that point on what she should do next. BUT - Joshua has the decision to make about Where does he want to work? Once we finish school there is nothing keeping us from moving for a job. So we are considering options.

This all came about this week, so it's all pretty new. Very exciting. And of course, for the planner like me, very overwhelming because I want to have it all figured out NOW!!! I'm learning to be patient, submissive, and trusting as I wait for Josh to decide where he wants to work and where we should live.

Alright, that's it for now. Back to studying...or was I reading...or is it time to start on dinner?

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Semester

The fall semester is off and running! It will be a busy one! Sarah has some of her hardest classes but she is excited about all of them. Joshua has a very different school and work schedule this semester and is getting used to the change. Neither one of us has classes at 8am this semester and we are loving that!

Sarah is in her second semester of practicum, which means that she leads a counseling group with another counselor. It is really challenging and exciting - she is finally doing what she has been studying to do! She is being stretched spiritually as she learns to really rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit as He guides her counseling.

Joshua has been in charge of a few projects at the office, which has been a new learning experience for him. He is learning a lot. Of course, he does a great job!

We'll keep you up on our semester as it goes along!

Tamara's Wedding

Congratulations to Tamara and Josh Stumpner! They got married on August 25th in Odessa, Tx. Joshua and I made the roadtrip out there to see them and had a wonderful time! Tamara was beautiful, of course, and we loved meeting her husband Josh.
The lovely couple!

We had a lot of fun dancing at the reception and visiting with friends from college. Joshua also got to see a few friends from high school, so that was great.