Monday, September 10, 2007

New Semester

The fall semester is off and running! It will be a busy one! Sarah has some of her hardest classes but she is excited about all of them. Joshua has a very different school and work schedule this semester and is getting used to the change. Neither one of us has classes at 8am this semester and we are loving that!

Sarah is in her second semester of practicum, which means that she leads a counseling group with another counselor. It is really challenging and exciting - she is finally doing what she has been studying to do! She is being stretched spiritually as she learns to really rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit as He guides her counseling.

Joshua has been in charge of a few projects at the office, which has been a new learning experience for him. He is learning a lot. Of course, he does a great job!

We'll keep you up on our semester as it goes along!

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