Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Birthday Celebrations

Sarah's 24th birthday was Monday, June 4th. But the birthday celebration started Friday night. We met Ashley and Ross at Starbucks for coffee and brownies. Ashley brought my birthday present and a birthday cake candle for the whole effect. On Sunday night we had planned to have our home group over for games and hang-out time since our bible study leaders are out of town. But Joshua secretly told the group that we were going to celebrate my birthday and even invited a few extra people to come over. He made me a birthday cake and we got to celebrate with several of our friends from Connect.

We look a little shiny in this picture because the air conditioner in our house isn't working. So we had 11 hot and sweaty people having fun playing games, taking turns standing by the fans! We had a great time anyway and didn't wrap up the evening until around 11pm.

Monday was my actual birthday. Joshua brought me coffee in bed and I got to open a couple of my presents from my grandmother and Josh's parents. Then I had to go to staff meeting at the office, but we had a birthday lunch for me and Joshua surprised me by meeting us there for lunch. We had a cookie cake and Rachael made me cupcakes, too. It was a lot of fun.

Of course, the downside to the whole day is that I got my first speeding ticket on my birthday. That's right, he gave me a ticket on my birthday. I guess that will keep me humble.

Thanks for all the cards, phone calls, emails, and birthday wishes!


Jesse's girl said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe I missed it! I'm so sorry, Sarah! It sounds like you had a very happy birthday, nonetheless (despite the stupid cop giving you a ticket!)

Just for good measure, imagine Jesse and I singing to of course:
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Sarah,
Happy Birthday to YOU!

Jonathan said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! You can't forget to add the Ebay shoes to your list of presents!! ha, ha...Glad you could come over on Tuesday--it was tons of fun. See ya next week!

Anna said...

As much as I LOVE celebrating birthdays I am sad I missed celebrating yours! I guess we will have to wait till next year! Looked like you had a lot of fun. I like the red nechlace. ;)