Friday, March 31, 2006


"I would rather be disagreed with by someone who understands me, than to be agreed with by someone who does not understand me."

James D. Glasse


The wildflowers are out! Last weekend we went to Houston to go to a wedding and visit Sarah's parents. The bluebonnets were all over the place! And we had a beautiful day on Sunday to take some pictures.

Here we all are! Taking this picture was a challenge. I had to run from the camera to the posed spot, Sammy wouldn't look at the camera, and it was hard to tell when the timer was going to go off. But we had a lot of fun.

We had a good time visiting my parents. The drive was long but it was worth it to go to the wedding and see Mom and Dad. Sammy had a good time too getting lots of attention!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Quote to ponder

The first duty of love is to listen.

-- Paul Tillich


Here's our little graduate!
Sammy graduated from obedience training last Friday night. He passed his test with flying colors, even though he barked at all the competition. He looked so cute in his little graduation cap, but he still didn't like wearing it.

We are such proud puppy parents!

We are now officially finished with obedience classes and can now have a social life on Friday evenings. But we do want to say that we enjoyed and recommend the classes. As you can kind of tell from the picture, we are in a fenced circle in PetSmart. (Many of you may know that we did not get to sit inside the circle for the first 3 weeks because Sam would bark at everyone else.)
So now it's up to us to keep our little doggy obedient and practicing his tricks. If you come over, I'm sure he'll give you a "high five."

Friday, March 24, 2006

Man at Work

It's true! Joshua really does work in an architecture firm! And now we finally have evidence. (Besides the paychecks)
Here he is at his desk, holding his UTA coffee mug.

He works half-days on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and goes to school in the afternoon. Tuesdays and Thursdays is work 8-5.

This is Jason, a co-worker in the same room as Joshua. Jason and his wife just had a baby boy. They live here in Arlington, too, and invited us to church with them while we were still looking back in January.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Bachelorette Party

My friend Brittany is getting married in May and I am one of her bridesmaids. We had a bachelorette party for her this past weekend in Round Rock. This is the funny outfit she had to wear to the restaurant. She loved every minute of it! It was so fun getting to celebrate her and spend time with her. I hadn't seen her in several months. We all stayed together in a hotel there after staying up playing games and eating junk food.

The next morning my brother Matthew drove up from Austin to meet me for breakfast. We had a great time and just got to share about what is going on in our lives. I'm really proud of him and how the Lord is using him in his ministry.

a friend for Sammy

This is one of Sammy's girlfriends, Missy. She belongs to one of the couples from our church home group. They invited us to come over for dinner last week and to bring Sam to play with Missy. The dogs had a great time running around in the backyard. Missy growled a little when Sam tried to play with one of her toy bones, but when she got a new one, Sam took the old chewed up one. And Rob let us take it home. It is one of Sammy's favorite toys--when we let him have it!

So Sam is usually a hit with the ladies. They usually love him and he is still trying to decide if he wants a girlfriend. I think he's pretty satisfied with the simple life right now.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bye bye Spring Break

Well, Spring Break has come and gone. I spent a lot of my week like this with the Sam-dog in my lap doing homework. I have a research paper due a in a couple of weeks, so I tried to get as much finished as possible. We had beautiful weather, so we went to the park and walking a few times.

Joshua worked at the office all day Monday through Thursday and took Friday off to enjoy not having school with Sammy and Sarah. We went roller blading in the park and played games once it started raining.

It wasn't much of an exciting break this year, but it was nice not having to drive to Fort Worth three times during the week. And I got to finish reading The Ragamuffin Gospel this week and I highly recommend it.

More to come...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My school

For those of you who have not had the good fortune of visiting the Southwestern campus, here are a couple photos. There is a beautiful garden in the middle of campus and this is one of the statues there. It is a globe with verses about reaching the nations. So there we are, ready to be sent out!

This building is where I spend most of my days in class. This is Price Hall, the educational ministries building. I have three of my classes in there and move between 2 classrooms. And the classrooms are very cold!

I love the campus. And it's a treat to be able to park right next to the building where I have my classes. I can get to campus at 7:55, park my car, and make it to class by 8:00 without running. What a change from A&M!

Let me know if you want to come visit!

Monday, March 06, 2006

A Visit

This past weekend Josh's parents visited us for the first time since unloading the moving truck. They got to see our house without boxes in it and got to meet our puppy dog. Sammy liked them immediately, of course, and enjoyed sitting in Jo Ann's lap.

We got to show them around both of our campuses and take them to church with us on Sunday. It was fun to be able to show them our life here in Arlington.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Play time

Here's our Sam-boy playing in our back yard. He loves to grab sticks that are about three times the length of his body and drag them around the yard. He has to run sideways because the stick drags along the ground. I guess he's trying to prove that even though he's little, he's a tough guy.