Monday, May 08, 2006

So what do you do on a Sunday night just before Joshua's last final? Watch Lord of the Rings and eat spinach & artichoke dip and s'mores for dinner, of course! =)

At least, that's what we did! One of my friends from seminary has not seen the Lord of the Rings movies, so she came over for movie night and we made s&a dip and a layer dip for dinner, along with some fresh fruit, and ate s'mores for dessert. The movie was a good 3 hours, at least, and we enjoyed every moment of our fun movie night. Of course, we still have 2 more movies in the trilogy to go, so we'll have to come up with other creative ideas for dinner.

All suggestions are welcome!

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Jesse's girl said...

If you like spinach, I have an excellent (easy!) recipe for mini spinach calzones. They taste great, they're cheap, they are nice & small appetizers, and they can be made very quickly and easily!

You guys have FUN movie nights! I want to come some time!!