Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary and other things

Yes, folks, this was our 7th wedding anniversary weekend.  Would you like to hear about the big weekend?  Of course you would.

Our anniversary weekend coincided with Josh's 10 year high school reunion and a work trip to Odessa (home of his high school) for Josh.  Josh got the brilliant idea that we should all go up for the weekend, see some friends, go to his reunion, meet with old family friends for fundraising, and then he would stay for the next few days to work and I would drive home with the kids and his mom.  Romantic, huh?

We did attend the reunion.  There was a good turn-out.  But basically that meant there were a lot of people around I didn't know and Josh maybe knew.  We hung out most of the evening with our good friends, Clayton and Holly, and took lots of pictures in the photo booth.  It was hilarious how many people said "Oh, I LOVE Kerrville" when we told them where we live.  We are reminded that compared with Odessa, Kerrville could be the Garden of Eden.

Sunday night we went out for dinner for our romantic date.  That too was an interesting experience.  The waitress had about 2 oz of customer service.  Half the time she would walk away as she was finishing her sentences to us.  She left dirty plates on our table for a long time after we had finished and eventually stacked them all.  The lattes we ordered were barely warm and took forever to get to us.  While we were drinking them, we sat there watching one of the other waitresses dusting a hanging light fixture in the middle of the restaurant.  Really?  Is that the best time for that?

For those who are interested, I wore really cute dresses to both events, neither of which did we get pictures.  But I did look nice.

Maybe I'll get some of the photo booth pictures scanned in when we get home.  But don't hold your breath.  I'll be flying solo for a couple days AND be adjusting a toddler to coming home from a long weekend.  At least I'll be back in the Garden.  =)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Love those smiles!  Can you tell they are already buddies?